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Jake Taylor Dressage Clinic

, 25th June, 9th July, 21st August, 18th September

Jake Taylor has trained with the likes of Carl Hester and he is offering private lessons for 45 minutes at £55. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone wanting to move up the levels in dressage.


Gastroscopy Clinic

Held every 6 weeks

The Gastroscopy clinic is an amazing opportunity to get your horse scoped to check for ulcers. Ulcers can affect horses in many different ways and can cause discomforts. This session is priced at £150 including sedation.


Equine Weighing Clinic

26th March

We have equine weighing scales coming to the yard for anyone wanting to get their horse weighed. This is always good to know so your horse gets the right amount of feed, medication (and peace of mind for you knowing they are healthy)


Photography Clinic

3rd April

We are offering the chance to come and have you and your horse pictured by an amazing photographer. This session costs £70 and will include 3 pictures you get to keep at the end.


Liz Lyonette Clinic

29th June, 15th July

Liz comes to HR regularly and holds clinics with you in mind offering private lessons of 30 minutes at £30 or 1 hour for £60. You will not be disappointed.